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Web Design South Africa

Our Websites Help Business Owners Generate 

Our Websites Help Business Owners Generate

We help Small to Medium-sized Businesses stand out and dominate competitors using the internet! 🚀

👋🏻 Hi, we are
Boost Media

We transform your business by positioning you as the local Go-To by using modern technology and well-researched strategies.

We are extremely passionate about what we do and always put our clients needs first. It is our mission to provide a simple and convenient service that allows you to focus on what you do best – running your business; while we handle the rest!

Our Services

Every business is different. That is why every single one of our services starts with a consultation to clearly understand every inch of your business. Then we are able to deliver bespoke Website Design and Digital Marketing that truly generates the results you are after.

Website Development

Beautiful, blazing-fast website design that converts visitors into paying customers.

Online Advertising

Having a high converting website is not enough. You need traffic going to it for it to be useless. We make that happen.

Our Simple Process 


Click any of the buttons to contact us. We will then call you to find out more.

Strategy & Quote

Based on your goals we will put a strategy in place and provide you a quote.

Design & Development

Boom, and we hit the ground running.

“The longer you wait, the less likely it is to happen.” – Dean White

Our Favourite Website Industries

We have made profitable Websites for dozens of industries. From our experience, we are able to tell you what websites we prefer making because we have already seen success in these industries and can apply the same formula to your business. Our favorite websites are generally local service websites, as there is a small amount of delay between first contact and purchase. We are therefore able to attribute sales to the correct source (such as the Website).


Our Favorite Websites to Build:

  •  HVAC Website
  • Plumbing Website
  • Roofing Website
  • Gassing Website
  • Electrician Website
  • Painting Service Website
  • Auto Mechanic Website
  • Landscaping Website
  • Law Firm Website
  • Dental Practice Website

Need a Custom Website?

Custom website solutions tend to cost more and require more in-depth analysis before we are able to accurately quote you.

eCommerce / Online Store

Have a product to sell? Decided it’s time to do it properly in a way that allows you to scale?

We can build you the solution with all the bells and whistles.

Online Courses / Education

Looking to build a platform that can accept payment and deliver educational content all in one place? Automoate your education business. We have done it before. We can do it for you.

“The longer you wait, the less likely it is to happen.” – Someone

Has COVID:19 Affected Your Business?

Then it’s time to analyse your options and spot the opportunities in the digital space. 

Here’s a little hint.. Now is the time to go digital and build your online presence within the community. Building brand loyal relationships with customers is the key for business longevity.

Client onboarding subject to availability as we are a small team with limited capacity.


We would love to show you what we’re working on but it’s not quite ready. You are going to have to wait.